• Solar Sales India - Chocolate Topping

    Dessert Topping

    A liquid form of chocolate with rich flavor to make your desserts heavenly. It can be poured directly into milk, poured over desserts or incorporated into sweet recipes. Satiate your senses and taste buds with genuine chocolate taste and flavours . A perfect treat for chocolate lovers.

  • Zone Syrups & Mokctails

    Non Alcoholic Bar Syrups

    An array of assorted syrups specially crafted for professionals like chefs, bartenders in the hospitality, cocktail & bar industry. Offers the most authentic flavors to tentalize your tastebuds and take you to the beautiful journey of exploring exciting flavors. Be party ready with our wide range of syrups. Perfect for creating mocktails, cocktails, flavored lemonades, iced teas, milkshakes and as dessert toppings.

  • Zone Fruit Crushes


    Zone offers a wide range of crushes, a concentrated blend of sugar and fruit pulp which gives your drinks and desserts that professional touch and a savory punch. Feel refreshed and energized with Zone's fruity flavor crushes. Infused with specially selected ingredients our crushes are ideal for creating refreshing and fruity mocktails, iced tea, lemonades, slushes, etc. Flavor your favorite desserts like ice-cream or falooda or create indulging milkshakes with our crushes.

  • Zone Flavoured Syrups & Lemon Juice

    Syrup & Cordials

    A range of must have products for enjoying unique and classic drinks. From the traditional syrup to contemparay ginger ale enjoy the versatile drinks with amazing taste and authentic flavor. Formulated with finest ingredients for memorable taste and experience. Enhance the flavor of cold or hot drinks with savory Zone's Cordial and juices.

  • Daily Essentials

    A bouquet of products that make your kitchen feel alive. From baking essentials that make that Saturday morning baking session extra special, gourmet sugars that give your morning coffee that extra sweetness, culinary sauces that bring out the best of your dishes to herbs and spice mixes that help you recreate your favourite cuisine from the comfort of your own kitchen. We've got your covered.

  • Solar Sales India-ZONE

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